Epiphany / Satori Moments

Epiphany is an ‘Ah ha’ moment when you finally understand what’s going on around you and what you can try to comprehend is beginning your journey of conscious awareness.

I’ve had many of these moments when I decided to sit down and write them out. Ever since doing so, ever since committing to doing so I’ve begun to notice epiphanies, more and more every day all day.

Along with synergistic experiences and symbols of abundance when you’re open to it, and you begin to notice them is when you will have more them.

Although I don’t know where I’m going, I know where I’ve been and I don’t intend on going back there. So I have is to keep moving.

So for example I had an epiphany moment when I realized that everything I was doing up to this point I wasn’t FEELING any of it. I was just going through the motion but not really feeling it with my heart and soul.
That’s when I decided to do things differently, so when I write in my journal I make sure that I am in the FEELING moment before I even thing about putting my pen to paper once I am in that moment of FEELING I begin to write.

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