2014 New Moon Abundance Checks

New Moon Abundance Checks
Wednesday, January 1, 2014
New Moon in Capricorn (10° 57′ 27″)
3:14 am PST – 4:14 am MST – 5:14 am CST – 6:14 am EST – 11.14 am GMT

New Moon Abundance Checks are a simple way to increase your chances for an abundant life. Writing Abundance Checks is the practice of intention or manifesting positive events in your life. The act of writing the check is an indication to the universe that you are prepared to receive gifts from a variety of sources. Some people use plain paper and create their own checks. Others use checks from their own checking account. Be willing to consider non-monetary rewards as gifts from the universe, and you will begin to see where abundance abounds in your life.

Within 24 hours before or after the New Moon, prepare a check. If you forget, write it the next day or when the moon is growing still, backdate it in your mind, mentally to the new moon! Remember the new moon is the time to manifest!

ི On the pay to lines, write your own name.
ི Leave the date line blank.
ི For the dollar amount(s), write Paid in Full.
ི On the signature line, write The Law of Abundance.
ི Option: On the back make a list of things you’d like to manifest.
ི Put the check in a safe place and forget about it until the next new moon.

Manifest abundance today in all areas of your life, by reminding yourself you are worth it. ~ JustChanneling


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