Purging Moments

Today has been a hectic day, first I didn’t need to go into work today but it all worked out in my favor because I was able to come home early. Only when I got home I wasn’t feeling too well, I started to get one of my migraines. I realized that it was my body purging itself of the old way of being.

It is my body’s way of showing me that I am evolving, growing, and learning new ways of being. I’m still feeling a little bit unwell but I am recovering quickly and rapidly with the knowledge that I am looking at new horizons and endless possibilities coming my way.

Our bodies has an interesting way of letting us know when we have gone beyond the old ways of being. For each person is is different, some may feel nothing while others feel something. The thing is to allow whatever comes your way because if you resist it things will only get worse.

Go with the flow, you’ll be surprised where it takes you.


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