Thoughts on Commitment

For anything that you’re doing in life. You must be fully and completely committed to it, how else are you go to make a change in life if you are committed to that change in life. If you want to get that car, if you want to have that money you need to be committed to it and to do so after going a little bit of help.

Now to do that you must put in the work to create the change in your life. I noticed that with myself, I wanted to change my life so badly that I neglected to put into practice what I have learned at a complete laziness and a little help from the Ego of course.

Now of course it takes two people to tango and if I had not listened to the ego I wouldn’t be or rather I wouldn’t be where I don’t want to be. But everything is a learning experience, and I’m learning a great deal about myself because of what I was not doing.

Now no matter where you are in your life or where you’re not in your life everything is a learning experience so don’t lament where you are now because where you are now will only help you to grow as an individual and also will help the collective consciousness grow as a whole.


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