Synergistic Experience

I am amazed at this synergistic experience I just had today. I was thinking about an old friend that I had and spoke to when a long time. I was also thinking about where my next income was can come from. Suddenly this friend calls and we start talking for a while he tell me what was going on, I told him what was going on.

And he told me that he was working at Amazon again, so he suggested that I apply their for the packing or the picking department. Who would’ve thought that out of all the techniques that I was using today this would show up in my life right here right now.

It simply goes to show, that the universe is always providing for you and that if you stay open to it you will receive the answers to your questions. It is simply the universe showing you proof that it is providing for you.

I am looking forward to writing more about the proof the universe provides for you and the more you notice the more you will seek.

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