A Look Into A Conscious Journey

Since beginning with Prosper, I have noticed a lot of changes. I’ve started to use the check in with self technique even though I started it yesterday. I am seeing amazing results. It is keep me from rummaging on things and it nips things in the bud before they can grow and make of mess of things.

Now what am I talking? Well I am talking about e-motions or energies in motion. These e-motions have been causing me to have a great bit of challenges not saying there is anything wrong with challenges. I am talking about unnecessary ones that where created because I did know any different but now I do.

Not only that but I have come to realized that everything I have learn up to this point, I don’t implicate it. Why? Because of the concept the grass is greener on the other side, instead of ‘eating the grass that is in front of me,’ I keep looking for something taster and in the end I don’t eat which leads me to be hungry. This hunger that I am observing comes from the lack of action to make things better than what they are by the using of these tools.

Now instead of lamenting what I haven’t done, I acknowledge what I haven’t done. Thank it because I noticed that the Ego gets very quiet when you thank it because it’s the one that started this to big with but it does take two to tango so. If I hadn’t listen to it, I won’t be where I am now. I acknowledge that fact that I haven’t implicate what I have learned and begin to implicate that’s all.

I have begun to noticed more often that not that I am not feeling anything at all sometimes. I am closer to reach that flat line as some people call it where I can choose what I am feeling and what I am thinking about. And this is where the magic begins because once you have control over you thoughts and feelings, you are able to fly I guess you can say to reach your dreams that you once thought were our of your reach.


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