Beginning Of A Story

The door opened and closed, Kira peeked from the entrance way to the living room to see Inuyasha stepping into the foyer without his brother.

“By the look on your face, I take it the discussion didn’t go well too.” She took his blazer, hanging into the closet.

“Idiots if you ask me, Sesshomaru still at the office thinking things over.” Inuyasha pulling at the tie that suddenly felt like it was squeezing tighter around his neck.

Kira gave him a comforting smile while pulling his hand a way before he ripped another tie, answering the question that hung between them. “Kagome is upstairs, she hasn’t been feeling all the great lately.”

“What?! Why didn’t you call?!”

“She didn’t want to worry brother, go on and see her for yourself since you aren’t going to believe me until you have a look see. I’ll wait up for your brother.”

“Thanks sister.” He took the tie she held out to him, giving her a kiss on the cheek before head upstairs to see his mate.

Hours ticked by, Kira sat on the couch staring into the fireplace letting crackle and pop of the flames transport her to another time and place. A soft smile played on her lips but just a quickly she brought back to the present as the door open slowly and closed just as slowly.

She stepped in the foyer, her mate wore a deep frown and eyebrows knitted together. Exhausted clung to him like another skin. Kira leaned against the doorframe, watched him for a time until she noticed the instant he realized that he wasn’t alone. He looked up at her.

“Welcome home, my mate.” She smiled, walking over to him and helped him out of his outer layers. Opening the closet to hang it beside his brother’s without saying another word. Arms wrapped around her waist, drawing her closer that if it hadn’t been for their clothes they wouldn’t know where one ended and the other began. He buried his face into her neck, seeking the comfort of soothing scent and contact with her skin.

“Inuyasha tells me things didn’t go as planned.” He nuzzled further into her neck as if hoping to blend his face into the point where her neck and shoulder meet. Kira combed her fingers through his long silver white hair in a reassuring manner to help ease the tense that radiate from his very pores. Taking both his hands in hers, “Come with me, I think I know of a way to fix it and make it all better.”

He pulled away from her neck and gazed down into her liquid mercury eyes, allowing her to lead him back into the living room. She sat at one end of the couch, her back rested against the armrest and she patted the space in front of her. It didn’t take much coaxing on her part for him to join her on the cough.

Tugging the shirt from his pants, she moved her hands to touch the tight muscles at the base of his spin with care she begin to work out the knots of his back. Just as she was getting to mid-back, Sesshomaru took off his shirt to make it easier for her to continue the gentle pressing and massage movement of those hands that made him forgot about the tiring day he had.

“Lean back,” she whispered not wanting to disturb the peace that settled around them. The low rumble of content vibrated throughout of his whole body.

“What did I do to deserve you?” He settled his full weight against her.

“I could ask you the same things,” she voiced in a hush tone into his ear. “But let’s just agree to that whatever it is we’ve both got it and so that is why I am here comforting my mate after a long day also why you are letting me comfort you.” She rested her head against his as she worked the last of knots from his neck. “There that better.”

“Yes,” his voice husky purr.

“So tell me mate, what has been keeping me from enjoying your company for the past ten days?”

“Inept foolish, that’s what.”

“That bad, huh?”

“I would give anything to go back to the days where it was easier to kill anyone who irritated me.”

She burrowed in his neck, giggled, “Well I would be very unhappy if you did revert to the old days I won’t be able to enjoy my mate’s company for a lot longer than ten days.”

“Don’t tease me, minx!”

“Oh and what are you going to do about it.” Kira found herself gazing into the dark amber eyes of her mate. She rested her head on the palm of her hand that she propped on the back of the couch. Taking her other hand, she brushed her knuckles down the side of his face. A shudder ran through her as he bought that hand to lips and kissed the inside of wrist.

She closed her eyes savoring the emotions of love, safe and comfort that came with his touch. He bought those same lips and pressed them against hers. She sighed. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she deepened the kiss. His arms bring her up against his naked chest.

Pulling away breathlessly, she said, “I’ve missed you.”

“And I you,” he replied, their foreheads rest against the other.

“Are we not partners, Sesshomaru?” She asked, watching him to pull away to gaze at her with confusion in his eyes. “Let me help you with this.”

He shook his head, “No if any of those fools dare insult I would…”

She pressed a finger to his lips. “If they try, I can handle myself. Although I am silent partner in our business but I still can make an occasional appearance to have my say.”

He sighed leaning into her. “I don’t like it.”

“Oh come it’ll be fun just like last time.”

“That last time those men had it coming.”

“So you are saying that this time they don’t.”

“No what I am saying is that I prefer this men aren’t scared to death by you.”

“Well they had it coming, they keeping you out late and by the time you got home I am fast asleep we barely saw each other. I don’t plan on allowing it to happen again.”

Author Note: Looking forward to hear what you think!


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