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2014 To Do List From Facebook Posts

New Year’s Day is also the New moon around 6am EST. Powerful energy to create. Start anew. Fresh year and a blank canvas. 5 juicy Law of attraction tips that I love are:

1. Create with WOW
Make a vision board for what you want to create this year. Take a poster board, cut out pictures and words from magazines that represent what you want your life to look like in 2014, and glue them however you like. Or print pictures of the Internet like Pinterest and put them in a folder or special box.

2. Act as if
Write as if it is December 31, 2014 and you are reflecting back on the past year. This is acting as if, to manifest what you want to happen. If you study the law of attraction, you know how powerful the feeling of already having what you want is.

3. The Year of ______.
Pick one word that you want to set the tone for this year. Declare it now and write it on post-it’s where you will be reminded. This is living on purpose. (Mine is delicious.)

4. To-do-fun list
Set intentions. This is a different energy than resolutions. This focus on feeling good. They can be goals or wishes but should feel light, not heavy like a chore, out of guilt, obligation, needing to “fix” yourself. Perfect to gain clarity of what you want and if you like to make lists.

5. Gratitude attitude
Get the gratitude going starting tomorrow. Start a fresh journal where you have to write one thing each day that you are grateful for. Or you can take an empty jar, which you can decorate like Kim Schwartz and I did that we called “Joyful Chicks jars,” and write on a piece of paper something that brings you joy. Being in a state of appreciation is an open channel for receiving. It’s like telling the Universe, “Thank you. More of that good stuff please!”

Smooches & sass,
Jenny G. Perry and check out her fan page: Peace Love Joy Sparkles

Paradox – Getting Clear About Clearing – Matt Kahn


If you are clearing things out of your field, you are telling the universe to keep putting things in your field so you have more things to clear. So clearing things doesn’t actually take you to a place where you have nothing to clear.


At the same time stopping all clearing techniques altogether, says, “I have nothing more to clear.” In time, if you stop clearing everything altogether you have a manifesting reality where you have nothing to clear.
So you have to spend time doing clearing work, just so you can let go of that clearing technique to find yourself in a reality where you never had anything to clear to begin with!-

It’s time to take the bold step of stopping!

In order for you to live in a reality where there are no things to clear,(even though we assist in the teaching of the clearing work that is happening) >>>

We teach that the clearing work is done by the universe naturally. You can assist in the matter by sending love to what you feel because what you feel is what is already being released and in sending love to yourself- even under the law of karma- if you are to love yourself and love all parts of yourself and love all beings>>>you would just manifest more things to love, instead of more things to clear. 


Posted by Mary Baldwin on Pure ~ Consciousness 

New Year’s New Moon

The New Moon is a powerful time for manifesting and setting intentions. This year the new moon happens to fall on New Year’s Day…the first time in many years. What intentions are you setting for 2014? Take some time today and tomorrow to reflect on what you want to manifest into your life by journaling, do candle work and/or meditating. This is a very powerful combination! ~ Spiritual Abundance

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What To Write When You Don’t Know What To Write?

We, writers, get hit with this question a lot of times. We are staring at a blank screen or down at a sheet of paper the words that were there one minute ago flowing so nicely so effortlessly but now are gone within a blink of an eye. That’s because your expectation for those words were high at which point you decided that they weren’t good enough and you dismissed them, yes you dismissed them.
Now don’t go beating yourself up over this just acknowledged the fact that your expectations were high for those words that had yet to be put on the page. So just acknowledge that you are doing this, that you are doing this because now you have the awareness to change that habit.
So instead of having any sort of expectation for these words that are flowing from the Divine Inspiration, just let them be words simple words with nothing attached to them. Because often times when our standards are too high, the intern afflict ourselves with the dreaded Writer’s Block.
I learned a great deal while reading Jeff Vandermeer’sWonderbook, the best things that came from this book so far has been the section about Writer’s Block. There are two things I got from reading the section, first was to change your perception of Writer’s Block to the actual blocks with letter, like the picture. And secondly is to distract yourself from that writing issue at hand. Through distracting yourself, you leave yourself open for the Divine to inspire you without hinders from anything or anyone.
Just remember to TAKE ACTION and write down whatever comes to your mind no matter how silly it may seem to you at the time. Suspend all judgment and attachment to the words that come through and just write them down or type them down if you are at your computer. 
Letter Blocks *wink wink*

I’ve had my battles with Writer’s Block over the years when I started to take up writing and for me it won’t be days or weeks for me it would turn into month and even years. The stories sitting in a notebook on my desk or sitting in my computer folder collecting cyber dust, begrudging me that I hadn’t complete them. But since reading this book, I haven’t finished it yet but it’s amazing how years of battling with Writer’s Block it all changes within a matter of a couple of pages from this book.
Even before sitting down to type this post up, I started to wonder what I was going to write about today. What knowledge that I have that no one else has? What can I give you, the reader that no one else has given them before? That’s the when the title came to me, so instead of judging and attaching any meaning to it, I let the words flow and here I am doing something I love and following the whisper of my heart to type just the words that need to be heard with zero attachment or judgment.

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