What are my Core Values?

Since my last post my five year old cat receive his surgery and is doing very well. I’ve begun to put what I have learned from Joseph Murphy and Bob Proctor said about exercising my mind to change the paradigm inside so that the outside will change. I’ve begun to notice the change I’ve begun praying to my infinite intelligence and using switchwords which was recently discovered while I was experience the obstacles with my cat.

I have begun to pack for a new adventure as my block will be transforming into a 480 spot parking garage but I am excited with the idea that I get to see other houses because it’s time for a new change. I’ve started packing to make it easier to move when we find that one house that will suit our requirements.

My referral business has been experiencing some ups and downs as well as my ads are being flagged left and right but I am determined to stick with it because all this flagging is just going to lead me to a gold mine where I will find serious individuals who will do there monthly shopping and work as a team to build there businesses.

I have started to look deep within myself for my Core Values, I realize how important it is from me to discover them as it will help generate a continual income on a daily basics. I’ve slowly down to a crawl as I don’t want to move forward until I discover those core values. I noticed that I procrastinate when it comes to drastic changes in my life. I never finished those courses that will change my life at such a drastic rate that I hit the terror barrier and bounce right off.

I’ve come to say that enough is enough, I realized that the fear is there but I am going to crash through that terror barrier to keep moving forward as I know that good I can when I am financially stable will go far.


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