Putting in Practice What I’ve Re-learned

I’ve been reading a lot about the subconscious mind since before I left for my retreat and during my retreat I decided to go looking inside than searching on the outside for answer. Many times I keep hearing phrase of we can’t afford this, we cant afford that. I decided that I had enough of others deciding for me what I can and cannot afford.

I decided to take what I know since all I had with me was my I-pod, use everything I had in there plus what I had learn and put into practice. I’ve re-learned a lot about myself within that time frame of two weeks. During which time, I didn’t really eat that much but I did spend the time either mediating or sleeping.

Even now after I’ve come back home, I am still in that vibration where I am going to get things done whether I like it or not. I am focusing on my wants and keep moving forward, clean up all the energy that no longer benefits because I know now that financial freedom won’t only benefit me but those around me.


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