Law of Detachment

This law is a bit challenging but I am doing everything within my power to master this one as I know that everything will run smoothly when I do. I am looking into technique that I’ve done in the past like EFT along with the things I’ve learned recently.

I’ve realized lately that I am still holding on expecting my intention to manifest and become disappointed when I don’t take action every, when things aren’t going my way or when things are turning up.

I am learning a lot about being impatient and that’s only keeping things for manifesting. The constant worrying when or if I’ll get a reply back when it comes to apply for jobs. All that I have learn so far won’t work as long as I hold onto worry, controlling thing, becoming impatient when things aren’t going me way.

And you know just as I was about to give up on a job that I have been waiting to here back from, one out of complete curiosity I look on craigslist to find that they posted an ad. I called them up that day that I found the ad as well as email them. Funny how things happened to me just as I am about to give up on it. 🙂


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