Lost and Found

I’ve begun to wonder is all that I am doing worth it. It’s so easy to go back to where you were to complaining and not taking action to manifest your dreams. That seem so much easier than taking action, waiting to received your next action to take and living your life that way. Is it really worth it all that I have done so far?

Like a seed that you plant, I have planted many of the past month and I haven’t seen them blossom yet but when it comes to phyiscal plants you don’t question whether they are going to grow or not. You know that they fill in there own time.

Impatient has begun to close me so much so that my cyst in the left hand has actually become very active due to the stress that I have been under thinking whether or not I am going to get that phone call. Or if they have all the people they are going to hire. I’ve taken action, I’ve send two emails and left a voice message with my name and number but I haven’t received any sort of reply.

They are going to open in less than three days but I haven’t any word from them at all. I am just a the point where I am going to give up hope. Began my search anew to find another joy of being and yet everything that pops up is a ‘won’t do’ and yet I keep pressing forward knowing that something will turn up for me that I will do.


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