Infinite Abundance Day 29: Healing the planet with the Energy of Abundance

I have discovered that I talk less when more is going on in my head and heart as I am trying to make sense of it all because at times it can be overwhelming how me and my body handle the consistent changes that are happening within that reflect outside at me. I have noticed lately the irriation and annoyance I feel beneath the feel good emotions I have been having. Today I didn’t get a chance to listen to my frequencies, ramp up my system and upgrade my frequencies.

I began to noticed how more irriable I got so I decided to take what brother was telling about being cranky as a sign that I am in a low vibration that I need to shift it so I sat down read while I listen to some frequency playlist on put on my ipod. Low and behold I shifted it out with ease but as long as it there beneath the surface I know I am going to need to find someone to help shift it out completely for me.


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