Infinite Abundance Day 22: Fill Your Money With The Energy of Abundance

The first day after the 21 day energetic makeover and things are running smoothly. My body raises it’s vibration all on it’s own and as I go through my routine it goes as high as it feel comfortable. I am started to receive from everyone around me since I’ve changed in vibration, they don’t know what to do with me or say to me.

Often times I get the impression that whatever I say really doesn’t hold weight to anyone expect to me, the person saying it. I am listening to myself but it seems other close to me aren’t. I am still a little uncomfortable about it only I am trying to learn how to smooth that bump in the road out. At times I am wonder why I bother to say anything at all but if I don’t express myself through speak.

I am learning to work my through this expression myself despite whether people are listening to me or not. I merely need to accept that people can choose to listen to me or not. I am really looking forward to speaking mind and expressing my gifts through speech.


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