12 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Courage

The day started remarkably well, everything went according to plan which I am really grateful only I wish the rain/snow had held off only for a little bit longer but despite that I didn’t have to wait to longer for the bus. I’ve been nervous since this morning before setting off for my appointment. The only food I am really allergic to at the moment is beef and everything else was pretty much the same as I already knew from test before.

But I noticed that things are that much brighter since I’ve started this 21 DEMO along with the 30 day healing my abundance consciousness. I am noticing more that I can tell the difference from when I am vibrating at 500 and up to when I am below. I can tell went my vibration goes up. I am getting use to my vibration it no longer feels foreign to me that it once use.

Not only that but I find that I can express myself with words a lot easier. I don’t second guess. I merely write it down and keep going.


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