9 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Inner Reflection

It’s been a day of recover and recuperation for since my surgery. I’ve been listening to my body and it’s been wanting to rest it up as much as it wants to. Just now is had the desire to write something or should I say type something so here I am. I’ve been getting the urge more and more lately to pick up where I left on my writing only to do it in a different way.

Use a different type of energy instead of scarcity consciousness, I will be using abundance consciousness coming from a place of love, joy and infinite abundance. Now with the 30 day exercises in healing my abundance conscious and 21 DEMO program. Things are running a lot smoother and easier. Everything that once was a block in my road to keep moving forward dissolves and returns to the Earth where it will be recycled into something else.

I am seeing things with new eyes and changing that way I think is a lot easier now as well. I know things are getting better even if I don’t have the physical proof it.


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