5 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Play

The day started a little later than I had original planned but I didn’t get much sleep last night as I could feel the high energies bouncing all around me. Only the difference with this time is that I have become more aware of what is going on instead of wondering what was happening. This last few days have been amazing as I have been vibrating at a high frequency and I am become use to it.

Even now my ego and scarcity consciousness have been scream loudly from me to stop what I am doing it’s not worth it but I mere take this comments as gift as it only shows me I am moving forward it have become uncomfortable for this consciousnesses. Sometimes I find myself speechless to describe what I am going through now as this is the first time I am experiencing all these new sensations.

During this adventure something hit me which had me breathing a sigh of relief, money has not value unless it’s shared. I thought about this for sometime after reading it in The Little Book of Infinite Abundance. I turned this statement over and over in my head until I remember something my friend and facilitator told me, she asked me, “What’s the difference between $1.00 and $10,000?”

I didn’t at the time understand what she was getting up but within seconds that only difference in the number of zeros and yet the value is the same. Other’s may be wondering what do you me. Will think of it this way, you place the value on things. It’s had to explain but when I realized that value was pretty much the same it open me up to more possibilities.

This realization combined with what I learned in the book I’ve been reading and doing the exercises it all come to together light a neatly placed puzzle. That things like money doesn’t really have value unless you share it with others. Otherwise it’s just a colored piece of paper with numbers and the faces of president on them.



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