1 of 21 Days Energetic Makeover: Compassion

I was having a bit of a challenge last night with getting to sleep only because of two things, the migraine that came on and I was excited to started this new program by Sollena called the 21 Days Energetic Makeover. I am really looking forward to manifesting a expansive way of generating more money in my life not only that but also to come from a abundance consciousness perspective.

I have learn a lot about the way I look at abundance was from a scarcity mindset instead of that of abundance. The book is called The Little Book of Infinite Abundance. I’ve only read the first seven chapters and I am already looking into ways to change the way I look at the abundance and separating the money aspect of it. It’s been a time of learning new things to apply it to my other tools and techniques.

I wonder what amazing, wonderful adventure are in store for me tomorrow.

If you are interested in the book I am reading or the program I have join, click on the links below:


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