21 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Completion

The last day of the program and I have been experiencing such heat from the raise of vibration that I am noticing. I do noticed that I am encountering people that I had in a long time and yet I had not reaction to them other then the mild migraine I received today. But instead of focusing on that, I decided to use that same concentration to help me shift out what was interfering with my vibration.

I had a rather fun day today as I keep forgetting what day it was not only that but it seem that time is no longer existent to me. It no longer means what it use to, I see time differently now. It no longer holds me in it’s grip of running out of time. I have all the time in th world.


20 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Magic

Something interesting happened to me on Monday, I was out waiting for bus to get some blood work done and a young man was passing me by. He complimented me on the sweater I as wearing and he asked where I get. I never thought to lie so I told him that my mom had found it at her job and brought it home after a while.
After that he went on his way, I stood thinking to myself what were the chances that I would encounter the owner of the sweater on that particular day or at the particular time. Off and on I thought about him throughout the week, I wanted to return to him at time. I actually watching him walk away from me; it felt odd keeping something that now I know who the owner is. My mom had received a letter from him yesterday to give to me.
I read it and he was really nice and apologized for confronting me at the bus stop. I actually merely thought that it was a curious stranger asking me about where I got the sweater from. I found myself and my mom laughing about the whole thing as I didn’t really know how to react to it.
I didn’t really think much was going to become of it that day on 25th, but I find myself with this good feeling about returning his sweater to him as I could tell how much it means to him. I am really thankful for the times I’ve had with this sweater but now that the owner has appeared it’s time that I return it to him. I replied to his letter with a letter of me own.
I can’t beginning to tell you how good it feels, it euphoria in a way. It’s wonderful to feel that shared with a complete a stranger the love for the comfort this sweater brought to each of us.
Yesterday, I got inspired to look into the juice bar I had the interview at. I found that they had a facebook fanpage, they are going to opening on March 20th. I shot them a an email yesterday to see how the hiring is going but I somehow I know it everything well turn out for my highest good. But I have noticed for the last couple of nights that I have been experience this a heat unlike anything before that has nothing to do with the body.
There is restlessness that doesn’t stem from physical but on an energetic level along with the sexual energy that arise at certain times of month that are really being put to use. But I’ll keep my ears and eyes to look into how I can use that sexual energy normal used to produce offspring instead to put it to use creating something else.

19 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Stillness

Another fantastic time as I went into work today to finish up what I didn’t get to yesterday only I’ve come across certain people that I don’t work often with anymore. Only I noticed that on energetic level they no longer bother me like that once use to. I can continue to remain in my space and vibration without so much a twitch from them, reaction wise.

It’s amazing what has happen with a matter of nineteen days and it still isn’t over yet.


18 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Integration I

Today I decided to head up to the hospital to get some blood work done. I was able to get everything done including mailing a letter for reimbursement for something I paid out of pocket at the doctor’s office a couple weeks ago. I choose to head up to work today to do secretary projects but got caught up labeling some software. I haven’t really noticed that time until I looked up when one of the managers was saying good bye to me. The energy there was heavy to say the least only because everyone around me was sick. I decided that the moment I got home to take my Vitamin C Tablet just to be on the safe side. All in all, it was another wonderful day to be enjoy life to the fullest.


17 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Letting Go

Today was a rather calming after the big realization yesterday not only that when I took time to sit down and let the facilitator know what’s going on. I felt the ease in when I was putting my thoughts onto the screen. I find that it’s a lot easier for me to share my green paper as I keep remaining myself that money really doesn’t have any value unless it’s shared or unless you turn it into something.


16 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Devotion

Yesterday I was moved to read over all the emails, and acknowledge where I was at the beginning of this program and where I am right now at this very moment.

The material wants and needs have fallen away as I continue to experience the infinite abundance that I have been looking for a long time. My body hums with the high vibration it has grown accustom these past two week. It’s hard to remember what it was like before this more like I prefer to stay in this vibration but it much easier now to know when I am down.
With all the tools and technique that you have given up thus far, I am able to integrity with exercises from The Little Book of Infinite Abundance. I am up to Day 16 for the exercises. Today I found myself moved to listen to all the mp3s up todays, it put me in such a calm and peace for state.
Lately this past week, I found myself getting up early right around and meditating to put myself in the receptive state to receive more of the energetic healing. I go through my days within a blink of an eye; I know I’ve lived it only I feel most of the time it’s from observe perceptive.
I am often more going with the flow and not questioning it. Those odd times that I am not in flow, I am become doubt only I can recognize it for what it is and doing something that will put me back in flow. Even my three cats are feeling the difference, they seem a lot calmer, a lot more playful and with a lot more energy.
I am enjoy myself immensely with the new discover of what I am capable of. Things I would find myself wondering what other people will things of me if I do, no longer concerns me. I am curious at what adventures the day will hold in store for me so much so that hours tick by like seconds.
I haven’t even mention my family but to touch base on this subject. I have been observing them other the last few weeks only to noticed that everyone has been make their own way in the world with me no longer being their surrogate at times they don’t know what to do with me. They know me yet don’t know me.
I am often destroy, uncreating and deleting everything around my family throughout the day and return it to the earth. It’s has been a really big help in keep me from getting stuck and overwhelmed at times with energy from my family.
In closing, I have been having a magical ride ever since we started this energetic makeover and I am looking forward to what other infinite possibilities will show up.

15 of 21 Day Energetic Makeover: Forgiveness

Today I decided to look back on the two weeks from the energetic makeover only to feel and acknowledge how far I’ve come. I read over the prints out and looked over the tools and questions of the day just to keep them fresh in my mind. I noticed that the more my body gets accustom to the vibration the high and high it goes every day.

I decided to contribute to group vibration by waking up early and be in a meditative state to help everyone else in the group half an hour before the acutal program starts. It really helps to intregrate the new energies a lot easier. I am really looking forward to this new journey of complete ease, joy and glory.