Tools Put Into Effect

It’s been an interested week I must say as it pasted by within a blink of an eye. Things have come up that I found really interest and since reading stories of trasformation. I have been unconsciously been putting those technique into affect it had lessens a lot of those memories that they use to have.


Surprises! Surprises! Surprises!

It’s been an amazing a couple of weeks as I continue to step more into my more power and taking positive risks to keep moving forward. I was really excited to be spending time away from home last Friday despite the cold weather. I really had a lot of fun and the place I went felt really expansive. It’s a place full of creative energy that just sizzles in the air.

The interview went fantastically well as I really felt comfortable with the person who was doing the interview. We spent about an hour or so just talking between interview questions. I am looking forward to all that I can learn at this job only I am anxiously expecting a phone call or email any day now.

It’s my impatience that gets me sometime.


Following My Bliss

It’s been an amazing turn of events since my last session with my spiritual coach. I’ve even gone as far as ordering a Happy Light to help with the SAD that I have over the winter time. I do notice that I am a bit slugish during the winter time more so than in the summer but that is for different reason. I am really looking forward to experimenting with this light.

Since I’ve started to use flower essences a couple of weeks back and I bought more to see how they work. It has helped to alevate the pressure I have been feeling under certain emotions so much so and a long with everything I have learned up to this point. I have been able to go through the day feeling really calm and happy about everything I have been doing.


Unexpected Turn of Events

Yesterday was an interested day to say the least, I started to think I had another job but it all blew up in my face. I started to blame everyone around for the reason I don’t have my license or a car. I began to get frustrated at myself, not feeling like I am good enough things along that line.

It started to get really heavy really fast but beneath it all I started to use every technique I’ve learn since this past two years of self discover into place, a voice beneath the storm help me to calm down enough to tap it out of my system. After the sea of emotions lifted from me, I sat down to read the new book by Mike Dooley. It really help to smooth out whatever was lift behind emotional storm.

It really put things in a different light. I determined to keep moving forward and find another job.