Unexpected Events

I was surprised when my family arrived this morning from down south. I was actually getting use to having the house to myself but certain members of my relations aren’t to happy with the state of the house. I find it amazing how certain people only see what’s not done instead of taking into account what was done throughout the time they weren’t present.

I also find myself very detach from everything and everyone around me lately since this past Saturday where I felt at times no one knew I was there or if I said something no one really took an interested in what I was saying if it had nothing to do with what I was doing at work. I decided to keep to myself and complete the task placed before me.

I would imagine myself in different places in nature that would keep my vibrationg up and keep me in my heart space. By the end of the shift I was growing wreary about the people who became strangers to me who I use to know on a vibrational level.


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