Unexpected Events

I was surprised when my family arrived this morning from down south. I was actually getting use to having the house to myself but certain members of my relations aren’t to happy with the state of the house. I find it amazing how certain people only see what’s not done instead of taking into account what was done throughout the time they weren’t present.

I also find myself very detach from everything and everyone around me lately since this past Saturday where I felt at times no one knew I was there or if I said something no one really took an interested in what I was saying if it had nothing to do with what I was doing at work. I decided to keep to myself and complete the task placed before me.

I would imagine myself in different places in nature that would keep my vibrationg up and keep me in my heart space. By the end of the shift I was growing wreary about the people who became strangers to me who I use to know on a vibrational level.


Heart Source Code

Ever since I’ve started to work from my heart I can feel the different between working from fear and working from love. I am not coming from a place of desperation or lack. I am merely taking action when it’s called for waiting for a reply and if nothing comes than it wasn’t meant for me or it doesn’t fit my vibration. I wonder what it would be like to manifest things with ease and always remain at 600 and above when it comes to my heart field. Let see what happens.


Love For No Reason

Since I’ve begun on this path of self discovery I have bouts where I am barely online and communciated with others as the majority of the communciation would go on within me. Even on my blogs I have months where I completely shut down and work within then without. I’ve started to read Love For No Reason by Marci Shimoff.

A couple of weeks into reading it. I’ve received a email with an incredible offer from that coach I’ve been working with to help me become more conscious and aware of the being that I truly be.

The offer was of doing energy work with my heart field which I have been question while I was doing the excerise within the Love For No Reason book. This energy shifting that I have been doing with my coach has really help to open myself to thinking with my heart and feeling with my brain.