Putting Things Together

Things lately have been running an emotional high with the elections going on as well as the constant shifting of the Mother Earth beneath my feet. They are a couple of things I steer clear from when in groups of people, I made it a rule not to talk about politics or religion so as to not offend anyone. On both topics, you have extreme closed-minded people as well as conscious opened-minded people.

I’ve also learn lately to detach myself from things that I don’t like as not to attract more of that into my life. I only focus on what I want now. I noticed what I don’t want for only a couple of seconds and which my thoughts to what I do want. That’s is getting a lot easier to do every day. Not only that but I am mastering the attitude of gratitude the more I am grateful for the things I do have.

I find peace and this inner knowing of what I want will come to me as long as I continued to be grateful for the things I have. There was certain things about the Law of Attraction I didn’t put together so things didn’t manifest for me but now that I’ve begun to truly understand those missing pieces I am able to put the Law of Attraction to work for me. winky



Day 28 Remember the Magic

Everything has changed since I’ve started to do the the practice in The Magic. I’ve read started reading The Secret now shortly after I finished reading The Power. It’s amazing how much I have changed within these last few months. Even my perception of things have changed. It’s easier to understand what is being said in these books but putting them to action has come even that much easier. Right now I am intending to act two things a orchid praying mantis and a large yearly income.


Day 8: The Magic Ingredient

I had wonderful time yesterday while at work because I decided to put what I’ve learn in the “The Magic” to go use while I was there it was a lot easier to interact with customers as well as have confident in myself. I continued to repeat in my head ‘thank you, thank you, thank you.’ When I faltered I reinforced with the emotions of feeling thankful. Even when I get up in the morning, I repeat thank you in everything I do thank you.

I continued to thank everything that comes my way as I am starting to see things unfold before in such a rapid pace that I am even thanking that changes that had begun to occur in my life. I’ve turned away from complaints even when I start to complaint I ask myself is it really worth complaining and stopping these manifestation from happening.

I am so happy and grateful for ‘The Magic’ because it’s opening my eyes to new and wonderful changes.

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Day 4: Magical Health

I bought ‘The Magic’ By Rhonda Byrne last week while I was at work and not feeling really good about being there. I noticed a lot of things while I was at work that day as I noticed that I start the night before dreading going to work the next day. So I decided to sit down and take note for a detached perceptive.

As I continued to ask myself what am I attracting that is manifesting during my time at work? All these things started to come up and I simple release them into the Earth.

Now since I started to work on practicing gratitude I am looking at working in a different light even though it’s only been four days. I can feel the changes happen instantly. I am feeling good all the time and I find more reasons to feel good about not only myself but everything around me.