Looking For New Job

A couple of days ago after the retrograde was over, I started thinking about what would it take for more money to show up in my life right now? I want to be able to take workshops and course but funding it myself. Only I find that with the present job I am working at won’t be able to help as right now I am working more hours the only things it that it isn’t consisent I don’t have a paycheck every week with considerable dollar amount on it.

So now that more opportunities are opening up for me now that I am getting my driver’s liscence the next month. I am looking for out of state jobs and saying nothing to anyone about as I don’t want them to bring me down. Somewhere deep within me I know I am going to get a job only I lack patience and I am impatient to have the job already.

I’ve take action applying to places close by to where I live but I am looking for something not so close to home, it had it’s benefit but I prefer to gain more experience while learning how well I do driving long distances. I believe it’s time for a change that’s all. I am feeling the atomsphere changing and it’s not for the best.


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