Looking For New Job

A couple of days ago after the retrograde was over, I started thinking about what would it take for more money to show up in my life right now? I want to be able to take workshops and course but funding it myself. Only I find that with the present job I am working at won’t be able to help as right now I am working more hours the only things it that it isn’t consisent I don’t have a paycheck every week with considerable dollar amount on it.

So now that more opportunities are opening up for me now that I am getting my driver’s liscence the next month. I am looking for out of state jobs and saying nothing to anyone about as I don’t want them to bring me down. Somewhere deep within me I know I am going to get a job only I lack patience and I am impatient to have the job already.

I’ve take action applying to places close by to where I live but I am looking for something not so close to home, it had it’s benefit but I prefer to gain more experience while learning how well I do driving long distances. I believe it’s time for a change that’s all. I am feeling the atomsphere changing and it’s not for the best.


First Trip to the Chiropractor

After going to see the chiropractor, I am feeling really loosen up my muscle don’t feel the strain. Everything that has been happening lately with Mother Earth rotating, shifting beneath my feet. My own shifting happening within and all around me. I am really looking forward to the events to come in the following days.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people during this semester, all the diversity is really fun to be in the mist of it all. I am going to start small in learn more energy modalities. Take a couple of course close to home before venturing off out of state. I am going to follow this shift to where it takes me no matter what.


Calm Before the Storm

Ever since the end of the retrograde, I’ve had my ups and down when it comes to my emotions but I haven’t pushed away anything thats come up. I feel it, somehow work through it and than let it go. I am enjoying the peace and working through whatever comes up, I clear it out as best as I can until I come up to something that I need help with I’ll ask for it.


Been a long time

I don’t even know where to start but I will try my best to start at where feels light to me. Well since the last time I’ve posted here, I’ve been on this wild roll coaster ride sometime overwhelming, other times blurring as if I am sleeping walking through all the changes that has occurred. Now I am really becoming aware of what’s going on. Awareness I’ve learned is the key to following the ascension process if you want to follow that path of course.

The peak of this massive change for me when I setup a session with my coach this month, something keep coming up with a family member that for some odd reason didn’t wanted to shift on it’s on. I realized that during that session I was taking things onto myself that aren’t my busy let alone mine to start with. It’s incredible how simple words can be interpreted differently with each person.

Ever since that session, I’ve keep asking myself what else can I do or be that will help me move through this. I sometimes find myself by habit trying to reconnect with the drama but I quickly stop myself by asking the Micheal to help me cut those cords before they attach to me. I noticed that there is this peace in the house that I have never experience before. It almost feels unnatural if it weren’t for the fact that I am floating in the sensation and enjoy it way too much to care.

I am not expect arguements and not worry about what mood some people are in anymore. Now with the theta healing I’ve undergone and with Jim Self’s technique things have gotten that much better for me. I’ve even noticed that I am learned techniques a lot quick and don’t have to wait a week before going onto the next steps.