Janoya ~ Wisdom

How does it get any better than this? Since coming home from work yesterday there was this energy I perceive of anger running really high, it would come and go at times.

Only today the anger persisted and at first I was throwing my awareness to the wind in a way, saying I don’t know what to do but than I realized that my coach had given me a technique that could help whether it was my ego, a limited belief or a thought pattern I was thinking to myself what else do I have to loose. 

So I went through the steps of the technique and the pressure that surrounded me which I perceived this sensation of lethargic, apathy and a general other-all feeling of not caring and not wanting to do anything.

I knew this place before I had been here when I didn’t know what was going to me two years ago only now it’s different I can see if for what it is. Just old reality trying to overcome my present reality of weightlessness.

Which is not going to happen. I am not resisting as that will create more fraction neither am I throwing it behind me so I don’t have to deal with it. I am simply with the energy of this challenges that come up, shift it by duplicating the techniques of others and continue to ask questions. What else is possible?


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