Swan ~ Entice

How does it get any better than this? Today was a really smooth day, I finished the earring I was working on but I know I can do better so on to my second one. It felt like a dream as I look back on it, last night was an interesting experience as I barely got any sleep as it is. I am perceiving a lot of energy around that time.

I am seeing a lot of things during those times as well that I am living in those visions more than I am actually sleeping. I am consciously aware of what’s going on only when I wake up I don’t remember much other than that I was actually doing something physical. I go through my daily routine and I am right as rain throughout the rest of the day.

Even now I still have energy when normally around this time, I would be exhaust off my feet not doing much other than going out to the store or even getting though my day. I am committed to a healthier and vital me, so I am taking it slow with the juice I’ve made only drink two mouths of it at a time. What else is possible?

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