Giraffe ~ Sacred Bond

How does it get any better than this? Since I’ve started drinking my green juice, I can note the different when it comes to my energy I have enough to get through the day and than some along with the daily energy routine on top of that it been an phenomenal ride. I noticed a big different in my asthma as well although I did have a hard time breathing there wasn’t any wheezing that I could hear or feel.

A couple puffs off my inhalers and it cleared up pretty quickly. I’ve started to work on my beaded jewelry despite this being my first time actually making earrings it’s turning out better than I could have hoped or imagined. I’ve always loved making beaded art only I didn’t have the money to do so not only can I make them but also create an income with them as well. What else is possible?

I am also learning more skills to beading which is always a plus I think along with I can start explore other ways of making other projects with these techniques who knows where this will lead me. Along with this continual journey of expansion, evolution, growth and spaciousness. How did we all get so lucky?


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