Dolphins ~ Emotions

How does it get any better than this? Today I perceived several different things from disorientation, disconnection and and oddly out of place. The distract implant of doubt and ego has arisen once again. I didn’t miss the voice of the ego but thankful I still have a two ten minute session with my coach and I plan on using them before out last session.

I’ve invalid the realities that I’ve lived now that I am stepping into my power, into the truly being that I am and I done ignoring that. I am starting to think where do I go from here. These doubts that has arisen are keeping me from stepping into the being I truly be. I began to feel a bit out of place while I was at work, almost like I didn’t belong there anymore.

I was unusually quiet while I was at work and I started to perceive a dis-ease that I had to go home early. I left without so much as a goodbye to everyone, I felt the need to get out there as quickly as I could. The more people filled the store, the more I felt suffocated with everyone there.

I tasted the juice I made yesterday and it was different of course this is my first attempt. I don’t know what I am doing, it’s all experimental at the moment. I am definitely going light on the cucumbers that next time around and I plan to strain the juice through a nylon mesh. I am really looking forward to learning all I can on the path of juicing to a healthy more vibrant me.


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