Tree Spirit ~ Fun!

How does it get any better than this? My gift has started to emerge after two years of dormancy only this time sharper and much clear than before. No one in my family has every wanted their gift or even developed it so as of right now I am taking it a step at time with it as I am going it alone right now.

I am finally whole once more as since I shut it off for two years I felt different but I could never understand why. Now thanks to my coach this last session who help me turn it back on and I am only so grateful for all she has done to me. What else is possible?

I am looking forward to working more with my coach until everything that has happened to me clear up and see what infinite being I truly am. It’s really exciting! I actually started juicing or at least I will be in a couple of days as I blend my first greens. I actually started to with cucumbers, kale and spinach with organic apple juice and bananas.

I am not sure how it’ll taste as my first sip was while it was still hot but I am really looking forward taking this steps toward a healthier me physical and then everything else will fall into place.

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