Platypus ~ Action

How does it get any better than this? I’ve had an amazing session with my coach today. I’ve rediscovered something during the session that I had know all my life, I am able to see the future of something tragic before it happens in hopes to prevent only that I shut it off after an incident happen on the twenty second birthday.

My coach was able to help to see things different from the POV of the other person who wasn’t ready for something like that to come into this person’s awareness. I am only so grateful for my coach’s help in clearing all this now when I think back on that event everything feels so light.

Our session ran a little longer as she was help me to ride myself of entities that have attracted themselves to me during this life or from the next. Now I know what it is to be entity free now and I am enjoy every minute of it. I am going to smudge the house as often as I can during the next three days.

I am looking forward to developing my gift further without allowing other realities to stop me. It’s time to step into my power and simply be the infinite being I truly be by being me.


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