Joy ~ Ancient Land

How does it get any better than this? Today was a rather interesting as I awoke with pain. I did take pain killer but also I decided to speak to my pain as well while I waited for the pain killers to kick in. I began to ask it what it was trying to tell me, what do I need to learn from it. The respond I got was phenomenal.

Although at the time it didn’t feel like that at the time, I even received answer for a power higher from myself which told me to elevate me while I wait for the pain killers kick. Also I was getting all sort of responds as I realize why this medication are called pain killer, they not only kill the pain but also the awareness that comes with that pain.

I’ve been in pain for so long that I reach for this killers of awareness but it’s the only thing that I’ve been introduce to stop the pain and keep me in a type of limbo. I am slowly but surely waning myself off of this medication so that one day I don’t have to take them anymore. I am a bit emotional as it’s that time of the month again.

A lot of things that happened to me today and I am grateful that tomorrow I have a session with my coach to help clear this up as well because it really affects me, I can’t do anything due to the fact that I am out cold due to the medication I take for the pain.


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