Amethyst Deva

How does it get any better than this? I’ve been taking it easy today as I don’t want to rush into anything. I am looking forward to getting my kit in sometimes this week along with Colon Health by Norman W. Walker.

Sent the question back to my coach today as well. I found the question a challenge to answer but I decided that I would stop trying so hard and simply let the responds come to me.

That was a lot easier, I am really grateful that since the Tv was put back on I didn’t jump in it from the moment I woke up this morning and watch it all day. I continue with my daily rituals and I only watch Tv if I choose to do so.

What else is possible? I’ve started to look into Mercury into Retrograde since I’ve noticed that the highest moment I get really moody or irritated easily with only certain people. What are the infinite possibilities?

Questions For Today 

How many more awesome possibilities can show up in my life today? How many opportunities can show up for more fun? How much more can I uplift, inspire, entertain, & spread peace, love, & joy to others? How much more money can I receive, for an even more fabulous life? How many of those beautiful beaches with the turquoise waters can I visit? How much more connection, alignment, high vibrations can I have? How much more can I see how perfectly the Universe is organizing all this synchronicity for greatness in my life? How much more can I deliciously be me? ~ Jenny Glenning Perry

Who are you today and what great and glorious adventure are you going to have? Which is the thought that creates a slightly better feeling than the one you are having right now? What are the infinite possibilities? What energy, space and consciousness can we be to allow ourselves to receive everything and anything we have asked for? ~ Heiderose Scheerer


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