Giraffe ~ Sacred Bond

How does it get any better than this? Since last night, I’ve been in deep contemplation about where I’ve been and where I am going. Sometimes it seem so far away and yet with each step I take every ten seconds I get closer and closer to where I am going. I am going on a journey with no real destination, I am merely enjoy the journey and where it will lead me now.

I found myself worry about my book, how it would sell? How I would market it? Would it be a hit? Where do I go from here? At times it would be easier to give it up and go back to the dark abyss I was once in but than I remember all the wonderful people I’ve meet throughout this journey. Everything I’ve learned and discovered about myself when I set of on this path.

I won’t give that up for the world, I know that I took a slip into the rabbit hole last night without really realizing I was there but I was able to pull myself out and that’s when I something happened. Another satori moment, I can to understand that the reason for my consistent dis-ease of my body, not listening to what it wants, not truly listening was because I felt myself undeserving of health and vital while everyone around me suffered with their dis-ease.

I thought that I could sympathize with them better if I too experience dis-ease but in reality is that I am not doing myself any favors by remaining like this. In the end that choose hurt me more than it did benefit me. Now I am taking the steps to not only be a healthier me but do it in a way that will more benefit me and those around me. I am ready to have an abundance of energy, to move forward with ease, joy and glory. What else is possible?

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