Lady Isa ~ Truth

How does it get any better than this? Instead of picking up a shift today for a co-worker, I decided to honor the commitment I made to my mom this week of going to Kmart with her. There were plenty of times where she had asked to me to go somewhere only to get a phone from work asking if I could come in and she was very understanding about letting me go to work instead of with her.

Because of that choose I made, we bought a blender which we plan on using in help each of us become a healthier us. I say ‘we’ because I have convinced my mom to add more raw foods to what we eat and slowly reduce the food that aren’t nourishing us any longer. I actually discovered raw food a year back but didn’t really know where to begin so I put it off.

Since my session, I decided to put my food down and change all that. I want to be a healthier, more energetic me all the time and not just in the morning. I am going to be honest with myself that I am not happy with my present health. I didn’t really know how to go about changing, I would ask my body only the message I would receive were always unclear.

I am really looking forward to respect my body as the temple it is and looking forward to a healthier and more vibrant me with my health changing everything will change with it. I will have a strong foundation that I can help build the mental, emotional and spiritual on with ease, joy and glory.


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