Platypus ~ Action

How does it get any better than this? Today I woke up early, my mom and I set out to get more supplements and this time I knew exactly which ones I need instead of guessing. I learned a lot of this about magnesium which I didn’t know both. I’ve chosen to make things easier and donated to now I am setup for four coaching session with Sollena at a reasonable price for me which I am grateful that we meet.

That someone pointed me to Sollena. Something incredible happened to me at work, I was perceiving dis-ease with my head a slight migraine come over me after passing by someone very briefly. My co-worker was nice to do majority of the chores while I keep myself sitting and trying not to move too much. 

My co-worker was nice enough to buy me a bag of Hersey drops to help with the migraine and it helped a lot. I rested as much as I could while trying not to make any sudden movement in hopes that it the pulsing won’t intensify.

The last chore was sweeping and mopping, despite comments made I perceived the irritability plus slight annoyance but it floated through me and didn’t linger like it normally would have done before my session with Sollena. It would have left me exhausted and waiting nothing more than to put my feet up.

I started to take the magnesium which is really making the difference. I am really looking forward to my next session with Sollena in the upcoming four weeks are looking to be really eye openers for me. I am already taking measure to eat healthier and a lot more raw foods in my book to keep me from crashing.


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