Amethyst Deva

How does it get any better than this? I can’t begin to thank Sollena for all she has done for me during this session. I have cleared so much up today even things that I didn’t know I was carrying. From the moment the session started, I felt complete at ease and comfortable with her. It was really easy from me talk to her about personal things that came up for me during the session.

The atmosphere she created for me really helped me to release the heaviness that I carried around with me for so long. The pain I was experiencing has dulled down considerable, I am actually sitting up straight before that the heaviness weight me down and I would actually be slumped over.

Bending backwards, I got further now than before the session actually before the session I would have never dream of doing a back bend but now I can and with a little practice I’ll be able to do it with ease. I’ve always was really into tribal bellydance, the dancer are really flexible. I find that I have the flexible now to.

Now all I need is to focus now on my nutrition to help sustain my energy so that I don’t drop by the end of the day and I don’t need to take naps as much although the occasion one won’t hurt 🙂 Since our blender is pretty old for what I plan to use it for I’ve already found one through amazon that will do nicely for my juicing I plan to do.

I am going to follow her recommendation to a T as I was often as myself how can I become physical healthier now than I was yesterday and I didn’t know how to do that before now as I didn’t know what my body needed. Now thanks to Sollena’s guidance I do. After sending her the testimonial a few minutes ago I am continue to think of things to add.

I am experiencing a spaciousness and lightness that wasn’t there before our session. I am so much more aware of myself now than ever before. It was nice that before closing out the session with me she checked everything out and gave me a little boost there too. The words aren’t enough to express the gratitude I feel in connecting with Sollena and the help she has given me today.

I am really looking forward to working more with Sollena to help clear up anything that remains that stands in the way of me being the infinite being I truly be in the world. I’ve been always looking for something that well peeled that layers off all at once and go to the root of the challenge, I believe now I’ve found that.

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