Akaya ~ Opening

How does it get any better than this? I’ve been experience this spaciousness ever since I started to listen to Rikka’s audio while I sleep even in the morning I listen to them. I perceived this uncomfortable sensation as I never really know what spaciousness was in the physical body so I posted on the wall of PC to see if anyone else this happen to them.

The responds I received where amazing and I was really grateful for the questions, clearing that help me go through with that only now I perceive this impatience once more. PC inspires me to ask more questions or even think up of more questions. They help me to keep living in the question.

I enjoy greatly being spacious as it keeps me from judgement which is fantastic that is one less things that my energy will do instead I could use that energy to create more things in this world. Another book or many every complete one of my works in progress. What else is possible?

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