Allison ~ Let Go!

Today I was doing a lot of letting go now only that but I’ve stumbled upon a couple of post on facebook taking just about letting go. Spent the day trying to sleep only found out that I was perceiving restlessness again so I decided to sit down with my journal and write. I am amazed that I could fill a whole page when I started to journal everyday I struggled to to find things to fill a page.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t done any creative writing lately. I’ve been so consumed by promoting my book that I haven’t done anything else expect that. I am really missing doing creative things, I love being the act of creating things and I was trying to ask a question that would help me.

Thanks to Karlina, she came up with this question for me, “What beautiful, amazing and creative thing can I add to my life today that would allow me to write with ease, joy and be totally fun for me?” and curtsey of  Heiderose had given me this question to ask as well, “How much more fun would it be to read all the other things “in progress”?”

Later, I came up with this question, “What ESC can I be that would allow me to be an infinite fountain of creative and express it through my writing with complete ease, joy and glory?” How does it get any better than this?


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