Bonsai ~ Balance

We changed out clock forward today but it wasn’t a good thing last night as I tried to get to sleep only to find that I was restless and still hadn’t gotten much sleep with the clocks changing at 2am in the morning I lost that hour of sleep with only a couple hours of sleep. I had to dog sit for my sister in law and was struck down with allergies I barely got any sleep when I went over to the apartment like I usually do.

Since making my demands on changing my financial position, all sorts of opportunities are coming up now to align with my present state of vibration. I continue to ask the question, taking action with little thought or hesitation on my end. I merely go with what feels lighter to me. I let those perception of heavy and light be my guide.

Highly recommend this sites as I continue more on promoting my book, exhausting all my opposition and going beyond my own limitation to put myself out there as a published author but so much more.


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