Saturday, 03 March 2012: Aryon ~ Star Beings

Family come up for Florida due to a death. What else is possible? For the pass couple of days since I’ve been clearing my chakra system doing the expansion exercise and the Meg’s vortex meditation. I’ve perceived that I am floating in spaciness. It’s a lot easier to hold that spaciness and be with it for several hours that I barely remember where the hours went.

I know I didn’t do a lot and yet the hours rushed by but I did go to 48 hours only coming back from the grocery store I show someone from high school that after going to a university it was a rare that I’d hear from this person. The physical has changed a bit but the energy wise it all remains the same when I looked at this person, I felt myself expanding. I perceived from my ego pity but that fade as I expanded myself.

I perceived surprise at seeing her that when mom got close to window, I squeaked at her but we keep moving and this person barely acknowledge us anyway. What generative energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow me to expand myself when bumping into people from my past with complete ease and joy? How does it get even better than this?


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