Elephant ~ Stability

How does it get any better than this? The hours as time when slow and quick. Legs ache of bit but nothing too bad. Finally getting my kit and getting moving to add a little extra money on top of the other job I am working at. I find myself simply having money now, a couple of dollars still lingering in my purse. It has been their for a couple of weeks now too. I am also taking a my ten percent again from my paycheck. What else is possible?


Winter ~ Transition

How does it get any better than this? The day wasn’t quite what I expected got dragged around a lot today and ended up covering a co-workers shift again this week. But in the end it’ll be a nice paycheck come next week as I also work this Saturday. What else is possible?I found myself really interested in learning more about Mercury Retrograde as it still going on.

It really helps me to understand what was going on with my web browser a couple of days back when I couldn’t get on to do anything. The information was very light as I was reading it and it made a lot of sense.

Mercury Retrograde 2012 — Tips to Make the Most of It


Amethyst Deva

How does it get any better than this? I find that things are getting a lot easier for me and today provide that for me. Despite the migraine I perceived myself having. I am choosing now to not cut off my awareness anymore than I necessary anymore. I am cutting back on the pills taking as well. I love my awareness and I intend to keep myself open to it.

Spiritual Meaning Underlying Diseases


Bear ~ Direction

How does it get any better than this? Today was a day filled with a lot of enlightening information and it really put this into perceptive for me. It really got me thinking about what I’ve been refusing to see and the help I am receiving to see it. Today was definitely a turn around for me. It really got me to see things in different way and I am not offending anyone by being myself, just being me.


Giraffe ~ Sacred Bond

How does it get any better than this? Since last night, I’ve been in deep contemplation about where I’ve been and where I am going. Sometimes it seem so far away and yet with each step I take every ten seconds I get closer and closer to where I am going. I am going on a journey with no real destination, I am merely enjoy the journey and where it will lead me now.

I found myself worry about my book, how it would sell? How I would market it? Would it be a hit? Where do I go from here? At times it would be easier to give it up and go back to the dark abyss I was once in but than I remember all the wonderful people I’ve meet throughout this journey. Everything I’ve learned and discovered about myself when I set of on this path.

I won’t give that up for the world, I know that I took a slip into the rabbit hole last night without really realizing I was there but I was able to pull myself out and that’s when I something happened. Another satori moment, I can to understand that the reason for my consistent dis-ease of my body, not listening to what it wants, not truly listening was because I felt myself undeserving of health and vital while everyone around me suffered with their dis-ease.

I thought that I could sympathize with them better if I too experience dis-ease but in reality is that I am not doing myself any favors by remaining like this. In the end that choose hurt me more than it did benefit me. Now I am taking the steps to not only be a healthier me but do it in a way that will more benefit me and those around me. I am ready to have an abundance of energy, to move forward with ease, joy and glory. What else is possible?