Bear ~ Direction

A couple of things happened yesterday during early afternoon the ‘Look Inside’ for my book went online, I registered for the Goodreads I became librarian, my book was added to there list and today I have my very own author’s page with them. I found out today how important grounding is before doing a theta meditation or any meditation really.
During the meditation I would five minutes before it was over and decided to take a nap as I was dog sitting again today. Only while I was dreaming I didn’t have any sort of control over that state, everything I did felt forced and I was using a lot energy just to react to things. Everything felt heavy, dense in someway sometime I thought I was awake because I know that my eyes were open at some point.
Only somewhere deep within me I knew that I was dream because in my waking reality movement wouldn’t be so forceful to do when I woke I was more exhausted than when I went to bed not only that during the dream my throat and mouth became dry. I couldn’t even speak during the dream.

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