My Writing Story

This is a self interview of sort that I was guided to post here, let me know what you think:

The Beastly Covenant
By July Lotus Silvermist


The Priestess

Orphaned at a young age, Kira was taken to the Temple of Water & Light in the Kingdom of Pisces and placed under the tender care of the Head Priestess. After being falsely accused of her mentor’s death, Kira was exiled torn from all she knows, she carries a forbidden secret which only the Head Priestess should know. She holds the keys that would save her village from the war threatening her home from the East. Quietly, Kira ventures to Dragon’s Cave to offer herself as a sacrifice to a dangerous warrior – a beast – in order to save her beloved home.

The Beast

Tobias, Dragon King of a dying race, finds himself thrust into a foreign world and its troubles. Those of his kind before him who came to Valeria were never heard from again. He wants nothing more than to return to the comfortable peace of his world and his own people. As he is about to make the journey home, his warrior’s spirit stops him. The maiden, Kira, that summoned him lies unconscious and in harm’s way. If he does not help her, she will die.

Why did you write this book?

I wrote this book because of a couple of reason one is there weren’t many dragon tales out there in the fiction romance genre and another it that I wanted to reach beyond my boundaries of comfort to take that risk to say one day that I published a book.

How did you choose your genre?

The main genre of fiction was easy it was the sub genre that were a bit more challenging as this could fit under science fiction, fantasy or paranormal but it the end I decided to go with fiction romance paranormal as there are a lot of readers in the paranormal genre.

How did you come up with the title?

The title was the most challenge as I worked through the suggestions and comments from my editor sometime I would spend hours meditating on the perfect title that would hint at what the books about but not give anything away.

What inspired you to be a writer?

For as far as I could remember once I got the hang of writing, I felt that I could easily expression myself more through the written word than I could have speaking, and writing I get that acknowledgement through my work from readers who like what I do. It’s an indescribable emotion when someone has told you that they enjoy your work and are looking forward to more.

Where did the idea come for this book?

Believe it or not, this idea came to me while reading a story on Literotica site as I spend most of my time read as much as I can to see which stories I like better than other and it helps when I am stuck on trying the find the word to describe something that looks good visual but when put to the paper I sometime I find it lacking.

Why published this book?

This story was meant for Fictionpress.com but someone who was help me to evolve into a better write told me that this story had the potential for something better than this free site ever since then I hadn’t looked back and always thought big.

What else do you write?

Well as I am a big anime fan, I love writing at fanfiction.net there are still many of my pieces for this site that I have left unfinished but believe it’s not form the lack of wanting to finish them. My main project took up a lot of my time.

Are you writing another book?

At the moment, I am merely recharging my batteries resting and relaxing while I promote my book and continue where I left off with my other projects. My worst pet peeve is a story left unfinished but I promise this book won’t first or the last one I write.


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