Dolphins ~ Emotions

I post a flyer at my job’s bulletin board and I am glad to see the flyer in the break room still there. I know a lot of people use it so I am hoping they will also spread the word about it to others so they to can enjoy it. Only a fellow co-worker pointed out a couple of mistakes which are further along in the book, I am planning to check those out as I know my editor was very thorough with her work but of course we are human and we do miss things from time to time but I plan on few those mistakes now while I still remember them.

Correction completed it for now, and you know what I didn’t even get anger I was a little surprise that there was some mistakes but even books I’ve read in the past I’ve seen mistakes as well but the fewer the mistake the better I think. I am still a beginner at this so I am looking forward to ever experience.

Today was a little bit different as I didn’t dog sit as I found myself start to have trouble with my asthma and allergies so I decided it was best to rest up while I can. I am start to do a lot of looking inside myself and being honest even with myself as I am serious thinking about astral travel more and more every night while I sleep even if I don’t remember where I’ve been.

I am going to take my time I guess you can say and start one step at a time to work on my physical temple then go for there. I am so grateful to be living in the present moment that the day flew by with in a blink of the eye and I ever spent it with my wonderful creatures. I am really looking forward to let them out more and more everyday so my cats can stretch their legs, I never really like seeing them coup up in a room all day.

I am gather all the ideas that I can use to promote my book, I am even considering doing interview about it my book and speaking in public places either though public speaking isn’t really my specialty but it’s worth a shot I think and it’ll give me experience for when I am doing book signings or maybe when I am ask to attend a workshop who knows. How does it get even better than this?


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