Wise Tree

I am perceiving such sensations run throughout my body, I keep running who does this belong to often and thank my body for the information only it continue to lingers and I am starting to think maybe the full and new moon affect me more than I thought before.

It’s a challenge more my hands to type this but yesterday I received one of the books I’ve order, Astral Love and it’s fantastic. I am started working on the the four lists for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to do list that I am planning on working on before I go any further with this journey.

I am even gone as far as make a list of qualities I am looking for and when I couldn’t think of anymore I ended it with ‘exceed beyond my expectations…’ Although I am taking my ascension very seriously I am still having fun with the process to continue to raise my vibrations as high as I can get them for now.

I impatiently with enthusiasm my orgone, I’ve received confirmation that it has been shipped. I am really hoping that I am able to have it on me before heading to work tomorrow.


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