Giraffe ~ Sacred Bond

I began to drink Fiji water starting yesterday and I am starting to perceive the subtle differences between the taste as well as the freshness. Of course I can only drink a little bit at a time so I plan on doing that for a whole week see what happens. Today I decided instead of aiming for the pendants on the Natures Blessings I decided to see which one I could afford right now and didn’t for the abundance and prosperity coin the small that I can carry around.

I jumped in with both feet my intention was on getting it and I happened to find a dime on the way to the bank. I am pretty excited about getting it but now I’ve been working on more flyers to help promote my book. I am even pulling away from checking to see how many have bought it online already. My excitement is keep me from letting go and forgetting about it.

Although I am not sure how anyone can forget about writing and getting their book published since it’s so fresh in my mind even now but I am planning to all that I am guide to get the word out about my book. My intentions to is sell 500 copies of the book within the next few months.


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