Winter ~ Transitions

I was perceiving restlessness last night so with that said didn’t get much sleep continue to repeat even while I drifted off, ‘Who does this belong to? Thank you body for the information but you can let it go.’ While at my sister in laws apartment, I was able to nap and rest. Start to do my clear and shielding which really helped me out while I was there.

I find that while I am at the apartment, I perceive other people emotions and thoughts so I begin to sense this uncomfortable atmosphere while I am there. So today, I told so measure I ground, clear and shielded myself, wrote in my journal and expanded as often as I could throughout the day. Even now my body seem to do it automatically when I think about expanding, boom like a helium balloon.

Today to my utter excitement, I found the package on the table when I got home from dog sitting. I snatched it off the table and head up the stairs, not really able to content my excitement anymore. I used a butter knife to cut off the tape and watched the box unravel before my eyes.

There sat right in front of me, cover shiny and new was the final product of all my blood, sweat and tears. Days wondering whether I am every going to get it finished. Am I ever going to get into print? And there sat the final product. Physical in my hands, I couldn’t really understand before with a friend of mine how she couldn’t put in down but now I understand.

The experience itself seem surreal, I am awe at being able touch my book, smell the new book smell to know that this is actually mine. I worked on it when before I often wondered how other author’s felt when they saw their work in print. Now I can truly know what that feels like, how the emotions of pride in myself and my accomplishment. My persistence, determination and yes even my stubbornness to keep going despite the doubts of others and my own.

What else is possible? How does it get any better than this? How could this turn out even better than I ever even imagine or planned?


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