Barn Owl ~ The ‘Seer’

Today was a slower day, I listen the latest in New Earth Central sessions and I am update to date. I even download the free vortex meditation for Meg’s website only thing that I have noticed is that my spiral is dark in turn. I am not really sure what that means at this point in time but I am hoping the more I work with the vortex the more I’ll understand what’s going on.

But I am looking forward to Wednesdays session as I would love to heal what going on with my legs as they are starting to have a mind of their own when I am sleeping deeply at night.

On another note, since I’ve discovered orgone products’ by Lilly, although I am taking her recommendation to get the feet chakra balancer first. I could really use her abundance and prosperity orgone even more now just to help to keep me in that state of allowing abundance and prosperity into my life.


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