Amealia ~ Spiritual Surgeon

I experience a satori moment last night while listening on a podcast as I sat there I realized something that actually came to me as a bit of a shock me as it was something rooted deep. I found myself envying the clarity of others but it wasn’t only that it was the envy itself that was keeping me from becoming and having clarity.

So I thought to myself okay now I asked myself why I am perceiving this envy? What purpose does this emotion? I found deep within myself that envy or jealous is just the lack of love you have for yourself. When you envy or are jealous of someone, that person is merely a mirror it isn’t them its actually the reverse you are jealous and envious of yourself.

When you lack love in yourself you begin to project that out onto others. When you are in harmony with you and love yourself, you love others. Find that harmony with yourself let go of lower based emotions like envy and jealous because you are perfect just the way you are.


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